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While trying to find lease artison forklifts in and around Berkshire it is worth noting that Bendi articulated forklifts are able to work internally and externally on rough ground, this capability is beyond that of many Reach and VNA trucks.

While trying to find lease artison forklifts in and around Berkshire the Artison FB25 2500KG load capacity 4-wheeled electric model has a 13KW hydraulic pump and an 8.6KW drive motor.

Whilst looking for lease artison forklifts in and around Berkshire remember that two of the most important safety aspects are vehicle stability and control of the load. Statistics prove that machine tip-over's and falling loads are the two biggest causes of accidents and injuries.

While you are researching lease artison forklifts in and around Berkshire you might wish to know that a worker had to have a leg amputated after it was crushed when the forklift he was driving toppled over when it hit a pothole. It was later found that he had not received any training in driving the forklift.

If considering lease artison forklifts in and around Berkshire you should know that Artison’s high tech precision manufacturing processes result in a well-designed, reliable and technically advanced suite of trucks that are designed to cope with the most arduous of circumstances while having low operating and maintenance costs.

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